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Welcome on Maine Coon Information .com

all your information about the cat breed Maine Coon

The cat breed Maine Coon is the largest in the world. Not in number of cats, although there are quite a lot, but by size and weight of the Maine Coon himself. A tomcat can even weight 8-9 kilos in good health.

Correctly spelled is the name Maine Coon and not Main Coon as is seen quite often. The first part of the name is named after the state Maine in the United States of America.

Bono van Anita
Picture: Oakenshield's Ardeas (Bono) - Anita

The outward appearance of a Maine Coon is very natural, for example due a brown or silver striped coat. Of course nowadays a Maine Coon can have many different colours and patterns.

Some other natural looks are the half-long coat, thick tail, a collar and a large amount of Maine Coons have tufts on their ears. All this together makes a Maine Coon look as a natural animal and not one made by breeding.

The character makes it a very good cat for company. Normally they are intelligent, in a good mood, like playing and are tolerant with people and other animals. Also a Maine Coon is quite curious and is very interested in all kind of things and is following you. A Maine Coon don't talks very much, and mostly only mew to open doors or get some food. Of course every cat is different and some will tell you large stories.

More information about the Maine Coon can be found in the articles on this website for example under the button 'The Maine Coon'.
Hopefully you can find the information on this website you are looking for.

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