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The Maine Coon has most of the time a pleasant mood, is intelligent, friendly and tolerant with humans and other pets. Despite a Maine Coon might seems somewhat shy, at higher ages he is still playfully and loves to get attention.

When they are allowed to go outside, they will soon be good hunters, because they are very good jumpers.

They also have a great self-confidence, are smart and have an open character. All this makes a Maine Coon an ideal family cat.

The differences between a female and a male cat? Of course is each cat an individual, with his own character, but some parts of a character are more common by one of the sexes.

The female Maine Coon cats are good mothers, and therefore more alert than male cats.

Overall, a female is a bit more reserved and due the hormones sometimes a bit moody. When the cat is using the pill, she has often bad moods.

However, often they clean themselves better. This results into less often assistance with the fur care. But they are 'talking' a lot more than the males and are easier insulted.

The males are usually more in action and therefore more naughty. Also they are often more relaxed and nicer than females. As a result they are more huggable, also because their are a lot bigger.

Because of their size and character they are more tougher looking. The disadvantage is that they clean themselves less and you need to help some more with the coat care.

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